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63 thoughts on “안녕하세요!

  1. Não têm voz na matéria?O problema é que têm- porque depois são essas "assistentes"- essas vellhas meninas da assistência em versão jacobina, quem faz os relatórios e denúncias para tribunal de família!E é assim que tiram filhos aos pais.Porque isto não é invenção. Se não estás a par, mais uma vez te digo- informa-te primeiro e auto-determina-te depois":OP

  2. Olá, como adoro a montanha e muito particularmente o PNPG, estou interessado, se puder mandar mais informação, agradeço.PS: já visitei uma vez as minas (de bicicleta!!) seguindo o caminho que acompanha o curso de do rio homem que passa perto da portela do homem. o lugar fascinou-me.

  3. Moxie,Thanks for your comments. It’s weird looking back and seeing myself *from the inside* as I was then. I wasn’t raised in the Society and I wasn’t a Witness for as long as you. But even so, my attitude from the Watchtower days makes me uncomfortable now.They confuse believing with knowing. Hence, they just “know” it’s “The Truth” when in fact they only BELIEVE it’s “The Truth.” I think that’s the sort of thinking that lends itself to fanaticism.What should we expect when the Society keeps telling them how right they all are…

  4. MercifulGod November 3, 2012 – 5:50 am I believe & pray God will have mercy on you. Indeed God loves you and all His children. You’re in heaven with our heavenly Father. RIP. Pray that we will not forsake God, as He never forsakes or leave us. Thank you God, have mercy on us, and forgive and restore us to Your love & Kingdom.

  5. Good Evening,It is clear that many students of the Union community have strong feelings toward the Leadership in Diversity Council. The White Student Union will be holding a discussion next Tuesday at 5PM. Stay tuned for a location. For those of you who have extreme opinions, please feel free to share them, at our discussion, in a more open environment. Thanks!-White Student Union

  6. ¿Ha visto buencencia "American Splendor"? Para mí una de las mejores películas del mundo-mundial.A lo que iba, el protagonista escribe el cómic del título donde reproduce situaciones de su vida cotidiana, muchas historias son de su trabajo donde los compañeros parecen entre rarunos y oligofrénicos perdidos.Le preguntan si la gente no se enfada con él cuando salen en un número, y él contesta "No, se enfadan cuando no salen".

  7. Teen itse aina välillä vastaavaa soijarouhepastakastiketta, jonka sitten pakastan annospakkauksissa. Sulaa nopeasti samalla kun pasta kiehuu, joten toimii pikaruokana oivasti. Mukaan sopii raastaa mitä vain juureksia maun mukaan, yrttejä, valkosipulia ja tavan sipulia, chiliä ja tietysti runsaasti tomaattimurskaa ja -pyrettä. Tulee tooodella hyvää.

  8. On the one hand you have the denyers, and then you have the clueless. Most of my friends tend to be political junkies and they have no idea what’s going on in the financial markets. All they talk about is the election and (as if it mattered) and believe it will be possible to legislate our way out of this mess. One office mate just bought AMEX and another friend was proud of the price he got AIG for. Need more proof? I asked the first if he had seen any charts on credit card defaults and he looked at me like “why would that matter?”

  9. VC: Guru is heightened by IR’s orchestration – The Budapest Symphony Orchestra I guess was used for Guru too (just like the latest TiS project) and some awesome singing (the usual suspects from Mallu land, i.e. KJY, Chitra, MG Sreekumar and ppl like Sujatha). The best songs in the movie are Deva Sangeetham and Guru Charanam! The movie was by itself largely symbolic and revolved around communal tensions etc. It was Oscar material and sadly, as is the case with a lot of South Indian movies, went largely unnoticed otherwise!

  10. From the first time I used Pipsqueak, I have told everyone I know about it! I love the feel of it! I made my great grandson a sheep and a blanket with it. My Daughter a beanie and scarf, Baby beanies for the Freestore Christmas give-away (similar to toys for tots). I am also knitting myself a blanket (in my spare time). I want to make myself a set of bath towels and a shug and a sheet set for my bed for the winter months…and and and! ! I just can’t say enough about this yarn!

  11. Siganus : Au fait, Olimalia, êtes-vous toujours pluriel ?J’ai appris récemment qu’aux mots latins finissant en -alia on devait les mots français en -ailles toujours pluriels comme fiançailles, épousailles ou funérailles Oui, déjà que mon genre peut être féminin ou masculin, mon nombre n’est pas fixé : un, une, plusieurs ? Qu’en sais-je ?Pour compléter votre intéressante observation, je ferai remarquer que la tendance est si forte qu’on en a même ajouté, en dehors de toute filiation latine directe : accordailles, relevailles, retrouvailles.Olimailles

  12. Perfect description of the mourning and fear so many of us are still experiencing. Some states might survive…not Illinois. Illinois was in the “great one’s” pocket 5 years ago and is the poster child for his agenda. A march on Washington like the first tea party event would do good for morale and I bet the numbers would be even bigger. Glad you are back Nanc, always an inspiration.

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  16. Isa comentou em 6 de julho de 2012 às 14:41. Curti a crítica.Apesar que na realidade fico feliz de saber que não me encaixo (e nem quero, vale lembrar) em nenhum dos rótulos. Nem “normal girl” nem “it girl”, feliz sou por ser eu mesma dona de minhas vontades.

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  20. Valtakunnallinen median kiinnostus kohdistuu nyt taas vähän aikaa meikäläisyyteen kun on suviseurat ja tiedotustilaisuuksia. Joihin toimittajat kutsutaan paikalle. Nyt olis SRK:n vastuutehtävissä olevilla otollinen tilaisuus avoimesti kertoa, millä tavoin lähihistoriamme musta luku, hengellisen väkivallan aika, on tarkoitus selvittää.Meitä on monia mm. teologianopiskelijoiden joukossa, joita tämä asia rassaa. On aika vihdoin puuttua tähän. Sitä vaatii kristityn vastuu. Toivon että tiedotustilaisuuksissa ei keskityttäisi niin paljon MUIDEN eli epäuskoisen maailman synteihin vaan enempi omaan raadollisuuteen…syytä olisi.

  21. Gostei muito quando ela apresenta os amigos a ele e fica desnorteado por não poder compreender tudo, assim como me sinto ao não compreender as pessoas do mundo “áudio”.Uma inversão de papéis interessante, gosto muito do meu mundo do silêncio, gostaria que as pessoas tivessem uma maior compreensão acerca deste fato.Estar quieto não significa distanciamento e sim que não tenho compreensão do que é falado…

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